The Work...

Are you struggling with certain challenges that seem to repeat throughout your life? Do you have lingering effects of a traumatic experience? Does it feel as though you can’t catch a break in some areas? Do you have a difficult relationship with a friend or loved one? Do you experience overwhelming anxiety or fear? Are you simply not enjoying life, as if happiness eludes you?

Imagine being able to breakthrough whatever you’re struggling with by removing obstacles you may not even be aware of. Surprisingly, struggling in life is rarely due to a lack of will or an incorrect approach. It is often a direct result of programming that has been downloaded into the subconscious while in the womb, at birth, and throughout one’s life. Much like a computer, the subconscious automatically stores beliefs and perceptions of everything that is experienced through the five senses. And in the same way viruses and spyware impact a computer, negative energy impinges upon an individual. Moreover, the negative programming of false, self-limiting beliefs emits a frequency that attracts similar energy, thus creating obstacles.

Cynthia's work is a combination of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Multi Dimensional Self (MDS) Healing. Spiritual Response Therapy is a spiritual healing methodology that identifies, clears, and reprograms obstacles of negative energy from the soul and subconscious. SRT accepts the premise that everyone has experienced previous existence, where unresolved issues have been carried over into this life. Multi-Dimensional Self (MDS) Healing is a spiritual and energetic healing approach that releases trauma, reprograms our spiritual DNA, and repairs damage to our energetic structure.

 Cynthia shifrin Phd